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ProcureAmerica Supports Government Agencies of All Sizes

By September 16, 2022No Comments

ProcureAmerica is proud to continue its alliance with CSAC Finance Corporation. This public/private partnership stemmed from expense reduction projects ProcureAmerica completed for the counties of Yuba (a rural county with a population of 78,800) and Orange (an urban county with a population of 3,176,000).

ProcureAmerica supports government agencies of all sizes, including five out of six of the largest California counties (by population):

  • County of San Diego – Population of 3,300,000
  • County of Orange – Population of 3,200,000
  • County of Riverside – Population of 2,400,000
  • County of San Bernardino – Population of 2,100,000
  • County of Santa Clara – Population of 1,900,000

The counties above combined are larger (in population) than 44 states in the US. ProcureAmerica has now grown to support 18 counties with expense reduction projects in the following areas:

  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Treasury
  • Print Management
  • Waste Services
  • Technology

As a member benefit available through CSAC Finance Corporation, ProcureAmerica provides support to member counties through a Regional Cooperative Agreement that provides a self-funding 100% contingency platform.

To date, ProcureAmerica’s partnership with CSAC has delivered millions in taxpayer savings to 18 participating counties in key expense categories, including: energy, technology, operations, and finance. The County of San Diego achieved over $700,000 annually in savings and obtained a refund of $748,000 from their utility provider. Additionally, the counties of Orange, Santa Clara and Contra Costa commissioned an analysis of their telecommunications costs and will exceed 7-figure project savings.

“ProcureAmerica is proud of our partnership with CSAC and the support we are able to provide to our California county leaders,” said CEO Fred Armendariz. “Through this program, we can continue to excel as a firm that delivers operational efficiency, fiscal responsibility, expense transparency and material net cost reduction in the local government community.”