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Business Intelligence Services Supporting

Business Intelligence Services Supporting

Business Intelligence Services Supporting

Business Intelligence Services Supporting
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Business Intelligence (BI)

{def.} Industry specific experts use of historical, current and predictive  information to identify, design, and implement operational efficiency strategies.

Greater Performance & Lower Costs

ProcureAmerica Business Intelligence Services provide each client with a proprietary Enterprise Strategic Plan (ESP) that will result in greater performance at lower costs. ProcureAmerica’s category specific experts leverage decades of industry experience, technology, and data in each ESP design;  generating on average  38%  in net savings, while increasing operational efficiency and supplier service levels.

Average Net Savings

Our Process Delivers Results


Industry specific professionals conduct a thorough analysis to identify service level enhancements and cost reduction opportunities.  Each practice group is completely self-contained requiring minimal client support to sustain the project.


The review results are then processed into a comprehensive Enterprise Strategic Plan.  Each report is customized to the client’s cultural and operational needs and designed to accomplish the project’s stated objectives.


Under the client’s direction, the ProcureAmerica team will implement the Enterprise Strategic Plan.  ProcureAmerica’s Division Administrator(s) will update the client’s management team on the project’s progress and results.


The ProcureAmerica staff will conduct periodic audits to ensure that the goals as outlined in the Enterprise Strategic Plan are being achieved. The results of these audits will be presented back to the client’s management team for evaluation.

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Santa Cruz County SealProcureAmerica has delivered significant cost reduction to the County with minimal staff time investment. Their services have provided a material “net add” to the County’s financial well-being.

Matt Machado
County of Santa Cruz
Deputy County Administrative Officer

Challenges Overcome by Proven & Innovative Solutions

Budget and Performance

All organizations search for opportunities to both lower cost and raise service levels. ProcureAmerica’s Enterprise Strategic Plans provide a proven path to achieve these goals while incorporating the client’s cultural and operational objectives.

Staff Support

Your staff time is limited and valuable. ProcureAmerica’s practice groups are completely self-contained and require virtually no client support nor oversight. The average review requires only 1-6 hours in total client staff time to complete each project.