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Voice, Wireless, Data

Today every organization relies on their telecommunications as a lifeline to productivity, technology, and communication.   With the myriad of carriers, plans and solutions now available, many organizations rely on their internal IT staff or procurement team to navigate through these vital and costly services.

Coming directly from the carrier community, our telecom team is familiar with the various providers programs, technology solutions, as well as contracting vehicles such as access to industry specific plans advantageous to government, non-profits, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.  By analyzing each account’s usage, our telecom professionals streamline services and  recommend optimized plans and features on each individual line, device and circuit while lowering costs with your current providers.

The City of Azusa engaged with ProcureAmerica to conduct a review of our telecommunications services and costs.  The project was not a burden on our staff and in fact their work and vendor oversight will save the City hundreds of staff hours in addition to thousands of dollars telecom cost reduction.

Ann Graf
Director of
Information Technology
City of Azusa