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Electricity, Natural Gas, Water and Sewer

ProcureAmerica’s Utility Division’s Tariff Rate Optimization Studies (TROS) primary focus is to identify alternative more favorable tariff options, tax and surcharge exemptions, and other expense mitigation strategies available to our clients. The principal foundation of the TROS work product is a legal review through the prism of Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regulations, rulings, and interpretations. The TROS identifies and models the most beneficial tariff rate available on a meter-by-meter basis, along with inapplicable taxes, transmission/distribution fees, surcharges, and other levies. The TROS delivers material cost reduction in over 95% of our reviews.

This study is strictly rate and regulatory based and does not explore nor interfere with the client’s internal cost and usage reduction efforts as it pertains to conservation, technology, operational, or behavioral components of their sustainability programs. Conversely, a Utility TROS is highly complementary to any and all client led conservation efforts and initiatives.

ProcureAmerica reviewed over 1,500 utility accounts for the County of Orange to identify cost reduction opportunities. Not only has ProcureAmerica found significant cost savings for the County, they did so in a self-sufficient manner making the process go smoothly and efficiently.

Maria Pirona
Public Works
Procurement Manager
County of Orange