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Waste Services

Solid, Recycling, Organics, Document Destruction, Medical, Biohazard, and Laundry, Linens & Uniforms

Over the past decade, legislation, technology, and vendor consolidation have presented many changes to the waste industry. As a result, operations, increased regulations and costs have been challenging for most organizations to manage. Averaging over 38% net cost reduction, the ProcureAmerica Waste Services team provides our clients with industry-based intelligence, analytics, and best practice strategies that deliver higher service levels, vendor transparency and significantly lower cost.

ProcureAmerica’s staff professionals come directly from the waste services industry bringing decades of knowledge working for some of the largest waste  haulers and laundry services in the nation. This experience provides our clients with industry insight that results in a complete overview of services offering best-in-class operations,  regulatory compliance, and lower cost structures.

Bringing ProcureAmerica to assist Tri-City hospital in reducing our waste and recycling expenses has netted three outcomes. First, an overall lower carbon footprint. Second, higher service levels and vendor transparency and third, significantly lower cost. This relationship has generated results beyond any expectations!

Alex Yu
Medical Center