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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have time to look at this right now. How much staff time is it going to take?

Staff time is a critical commodity and most organizations do not have extra time or resources to support additional projects. ProcureAmerica’s practice groups are completely self-contained and do not require your staff to support the review process. Staff time over the entire project is minimal (1-6 hours) and is purely in an advisory and source document capacity. Our team conducts the analysis, presents the results, implements your approved findings, and provides back end auditing. In most cases, our work provides our client’s with additional staff time and resources, as we supplement the client’s oversight responsibilities.

Who does the expense reduction analysis?

Each ProcureAmerica practice group is staffed by category specific experts who come directly from the industry. Averaging 20+ years in their profession, these men and woman bring tremendous resources,  knowledge, and experience that deliver best in class outcomes. Our team provides Expense transparency, operational efficiency, and net savings as the mission deliverables with each Procure America project.

What if we don’t want to change suppliers?

ProcureAmerica does not sell products nor supply any services aside from Business Intelligence. As such, in almost all cases (95% or more) a vendor change is not part of any go forward strategy unless the client requests a change. In other words, if you like your vendor, we like your vendor!

Through improved processes, procedures, and contractual agreements, we can help your organization achieve a better overall solution by leveraging industry best practices and a “sharper pencil.” Understanding a supplier’s pricing and policy tolerances from an industry perspective allows for expense management results through transparency, knowledge, and experience. Operating in a peer-to-peer environment helps both the client and the supplier find common ground in a professional and expedient manner.

How will this affect our operation?

Our goal from day one is to help, not hinder. As a result, our philosophy is to view your staff as our “employer” and provide your suppliers with respect and deference. As noted, the staff time to support our work is negligible and the review process would have no impact on your operations.

How much savings can we expect to see?

Most of our customers see a 20% – 50% reduction in cost, with the average being 38%. While our clients find the savings substantial, the increased service levels and the staff support we provide is also a valuable benefit delivered through our work. Cost reduction, higher service levels and staff time support are the net results of a Procure America review.

We’re pretty good at sourcing services; why are you better?

The foundation of why and how ProcureAmerica is able to deliver best-in-class outcomes is actually quite simple in concept yet challenging to replicate in practice. The ProcureAmerica staff come directly from the industry in which they practice and average over 20 years in their space. This knowledge, experience and “inside” expertise is then transferred to the client’s review project. Applying industry specific experts enables the ProcureAmerica team to design and implement an Enterprise Strategic Plan that  achieves the stated goals of efficiency, transparency and cost reduction. The saying “We know a thing or two, because we have seen a thing or two” is foundational in why ProcureAmerica’s Business Intelligence Services deliver results.

How much is this service going to cost?

ProcureAmerica services are completely self-funding, and our programs accommodate any situation and budget. From full contingency programs to traditional consulting contracts, cost of service will never be a challenge in working with Procure America.

For public sector clients, ProcureAmerica’s services conform to Government Code 53060 requirements and can be provided through Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA-017-19010018).