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Bank Fees, Special Taxes, Accounts Payable

ProcureAmerica’s Treasury reviews combine three related, but distinct disciplines that will preserve and protect your organization’s financial resources. This proprietary multifaceted approach includes bank fees, special taxes, and accounts payable (AP). These three components overlap during routine business transactions and have intersecting outcomes as a result. The financial review method applied by ProcureAmerica can take a wide and holistic approach or can be applied in a narrowly tailored environment. Each review component (bank fees, taxes, and AP) has specific testing and remedy applications that identify or correct billing errors, provide expense reduction opportunities and deliver supplier transparency.

Bank Fees: Traditional institutional banking expenses and electronic payment processing (EPP) fees. These reviews can be combined (traditional banking and EPP) or conducted separately.

Special Taxes: Sales tax, utilty/telecom utilty user tax, property tax, and other governmental mandated assessments.

AP: Misdirected or duplicate vendor payments, missed rebates/discounts, billing errors and general contract compliance.

Being in business since 1969 gave us a level of comfort that we had our ducks lined up in terms of our banking fees. The saying “it doesn’t hurt to look” cannot be more on point. ProcureAmerica was able to significantly reduce our credit and debit card processing cost without any disruption to operations, our banking relationships, and or changing processors.

Jeff Teller
President OC Market Place
Division of
Comcast Spectacor