Electronic Payment Processing (EPP)

Today credit, debit, and other forms of electronic disbursement are the dominant and preferred method of accepting payment for goods and services; yet most organizations are challenged in managing and minimizing costs associated with merchant service fees.  ProcureAmerica’s Treasury team has extensive experience in supporting both the private and public sector in their effort to identify strategies, technologies, and processor programs that deliver lower cost structures, operational efficiency, and enhanced oversight.

Our Treasury-EPP analysis includes a review of the processing agreement’s terms and conditions, pricing, assessorial fees, and other expense and service deliverables.  The service provider’s agreement protocols are then applied to your organization’s operational needs and E-intake profile, quantifying and evaluating: card types, size of transactions, income volume, interchange levels,  SIC/MCC analysis, regulatory compliance,  technology assessments, and other important cost and service influencers.  The result is a custom designed Enterprise Strategic Plan (ESP) for your organization that provides best-in-class cost structures and transparency. Further, the ESP is typically constructed without any need to change operations, incumbent processors, or invest in technology, providing a seamless and highly effective solution.

Being in business since 1969 gave us a level of comfort that we had our ducks lined up in terms of our banking fees. The saying “it doesn’t hurt to look” cannot be more on point. ProcureAmerica was able to significantly reduce our credit and debit card processing cost without any disruption to operations, our banking relationships, and or changing processors.

Jeff Teller
President OC Market Place
Division of
Comcast Spectacor