Frequently Asked Questions

Procure America’s team of industry professionals become an extension of your management staff with the sole focus of assisting your organization in lowering costs in the targeted expense category. Leveraging our experts to the advantage of your organization promotes a “level playing field” as all parties (supplier and customer) are working in a transparent environment. At every step, the client remains in complete control of the review process and any subsequent action plan.

We don’t have time to look at this right now. How much time is this going to take?

Staff time is a critical commodity and no organization has extra time to grapple with unnecessary tasks. Procure America’s practice groups are completely self-contained and bring technology, analytics, and boots on the ground to take the project on. Our reviews take 1-6 hours of TOTAL client time. Our average generated savings is 34%, creating a significant ROI for our clients. In summary, these reviews don’t take time away from your core mission- they add time!

Who does the expense reduction analysis?

Most expense consulting firms rely on procurement generalists to review your expenses and processes. Procure America ONLY uses industry-specific experts. Each practice group is managed by a Division Administrator who has a deep background in the industry in which they practice. This is the core power associated to our services that make Procure America a valuable tool for your organization – knowledge, information, and focus to bring about efficiency.

What if I don’t want to change suppliers?

In almost all cases (95% or more), vendor change is not part of any go forward strategy unless you request a change. In other words, if you like your vendor, we like your vendor! Through improved processes, procedures and contractual agreements, we can help your organization achieve a better overall solution by leveraging industry best practices and a “sharper pencil.” Understanding a supplier’s pricing and policy tolerances from an industry perspective allows for expense management based transparency, knowledge, and analytics. Operating in a peer to peer environment helps both the client and the supplier as both parties have experience and industry data to promote the best possible result in an expeditious manner.

How will this affect my operation?

Our goal from day one is to help, not hinder. As a result, we treat your company, employees and suppliers with the utmost respect and deference. The procedural and time commitments required by your staff are minimal and we remain as unobtrusive as possible throughout the process. We work at the pace and direction as dictated by senior management. In most cases, the changes are minor (if any) in terms of operational procedures, but the attained outcomes are significant.

 How much savings can I expect to see?

Most of our customers see a 25 – 65% reduction in cost with the average being 34%. While our clients find the savings important, they also value the increased service levels they receive as a result of our process. Lower costs and a higher level of service are the baseline goals for our clients. We also find in many cases, the connection with the incumbent supplier is strengthened as transparency and communication are helpful in any relationship.

We’re pretty good at sourcing services; why are you better?

Most companies have a lean workforce and most of the procurement staff wear several hats. To have an industry expert permanently on staff to review your utility tariff rates, office technology, or waste management pricing would not be a cost effective option. Outsourcing this service to an industry professional makes sense, as you now have access to a specialized expert without hiring new staff.

How much is this service going to cost?

Procure America has programs available to fit almost any situation and budget. From full contingency programs to traditional consulting contracts, cost of service will never be a challenge in working with Procure America. Our mission is always to be a net add to your bottom line. We will manage our fees and services to that end.