Business Intelligence That Delivers Results.

Greater Performance & Lower Costs.

Procure America provides its clients with analytics and strategies that result in greater performance at lower costs. By leveraging decades of industry experience, Procure America generates an average savings of 34%, all while increasing operational efficiency, vendor accountability, and service levels. Knowledge, information and focus delivers results.

Average Net Savings

There is a Process to Victory


Our Division Administrators analyze the targeted line item expense category to gain insight into your processes, priorities, and future goals. We then process the data from a historic, contractual, and strategic planning perspective to build a clear picture of the past, present and future needs of our client.


The stage one data is then processed into a comprehensive report for your review. In a collaborative manner, together we design a plan to leverage the areas of identified opportunity adjusting to your organization’s needs, culture and goals.


The client and the Procure America team then put the agreed upon plan into action. Intermittently, our Division Administrators will brief the progress to your management and outline any additional identified opportunities.


The Procure America team will then conduct periodic audits to ensure that the goals as outlined in the strategic plan are being achieved and documented. The results of these audits will be presented back to your senior management team.

“Procure America and their team has helped my company reduce cost and increase service levels across the board. From office automation to utilities and telecom their industry experts have generated results beyond my expectations and without almost any staff time. I can’t say enough about their company, employees and results!”

Matt Schafnitz
CEO, Signature Insurance

Proven Solutions & Focused Expertise

Limited Staff Resources

We understand your staff’s time is limited. Procure America augments your team’s efforts by bring extra hands to dig deep into the target expense category. Our review teams are self-contained with specialized industry experts and require limited client support. The average review requires 1-6 hours of client staff time.

Margin Creep

Suppliers are faced with ever shrinking margins and competition resulting in creative ways to increase profits (“margin creep”). Often these price increases are buried in terms and conditions within vendor agreements, internal operational decisions and/or simply appear on invoices.

Vendor Accountability

Reviewing contract, operational and invoice compliance can be a challenge from a time and expertise perspective. Over the past decade, we are requiring less people to do more and when this occurs vendor accountability can sometimes fall through the crack.

Procure America Solution:


Our team fills the void. PA provides access to specialized experts without hiring new staff. Our reviews require little to no staff time to deliver material results. We become a true partner with our clients.

Procure America Solution:


Our experts have deep industry specific experience and will analyze all aspects of the supplier relationship-contractual, operational and invoice compliance.

Procure America Solution:


With Procure America as your partner we level the vendor playing field and bring about an agnostic third party perspective that delivers transparency, efficiency and accountability.

“Through a deep forensic review of our utility tariff rates Procure America identified rate structures that will save the City of Santa Ana millions of dollars in the years to come. Having their expertise augment our team’s efforts is a great example of leveraging private sector know-how to generate a more efficient government.”

David Benavides
Councilman, City of Santa Ana

Where We Can Help

Procure America offers business intelligence services in targeted expense categories common to most companies and government agencies. With decades of industry specific experience, our team assists our clients in reducing cost and raising service levels.


Waste & Recycling

Office Automation


Treasury Services

Shipping & Logistics

Public Sector

Procure America specializes in cost reduction services for public sector organizations. With a deep background in local, state and federal government, we understand the complexity of public sector agencies and the issues they face.

Having worked with school districts, municipalities, counties, water districts, transportation authority, JPAs and special districts, we identify savings with the current providers while maintaining procedural transparency and process. Our division experts leverage decades of experience and analytics to level the playing field with the incumbent providers by conducting forensic contract reviews, operational analysis and invoice compliance. We watch the nickels and dimes so your staff can focus on the tax payer’s dollars.

Private Sector

Procure America provides companies with business intelligence services that focus on building efficiency, lowering cost and raising service levels. Each organization we work with has a unique culture, corporate objective and need. We take all these factors into account, and then apply industry specific experience and analytics to build a strategy that generates the best result for the client.

Taking decades of knowledge, data points and focus, then applying this experience to your corporate objectives, will bring about transparency to the specific expense and deliver a strategic plan. Being vendor agnostic we work with your staff and the incumbent suppliers without any legacy to identify areas that could be improved upon and then build a road map to achieve the stated goals. With decades of experience helping companies of all sizes Procure America has a proven track record in delivering higher profits while streamlining client processes.