Procure America has tariff rate optimization experts on staff to assist in managing your utility costs (power, gas, water and sewer).

Our team comes armed with the latest utility commission interpretations, rulings and regulatory support to ensure your organization is receiving the most favorable rates available, accurate billing and a complete inventory of meters, services and providers.

Over the past decade tariff rates have become increasingly complex. Our team specializes in interpreting tariff rate options and providing the best available rates to both private and public organizations that lower costs without any changes to operations and without any investment. Additionally, a tariff rate baseline will help evaluate the ROI associated to any conservation investments such as LED lighting, solar etc., resulting in a clearer picture of where to invest technology dollars to build the best possible utility efficiencies for your organization.

“Procure America performed a utility account audit for the City of Dana Point and implementation of their recommendations resulted in immediate and substantial savings for the City.  Another benefit was the fact that this effort required very little involvement of City staff resources.  Speaking with experience of being an ex-auditor and long-time municipal finance professional, Procure America performed a high-quality audit service for us.”

Mike Killebrew
Assistant City Manager, City of Dana Point