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When reviewing office technology acquisition programs, transparency in terms of cost can be elusive. The products and services seemingly have similar functions and capabilities with comparable pricing structures and contract terms. However, if negotiated and monitored with an aggressive strategy there are significant opportunities to be leveraged within this spend category.

Telecommunications Division

Where all companies have the need for this service, many don’t have the right hardware, service or contract combination. Our team of industry professionals has decades of experience working for both carriers and service providers. From data and voice, to your mobile systems, our team can analyze your company’s need from a global perspective and then apply industry best practices and competitive cost models to highlight pricing and service opportunities. We then build a strategic plan on how to deliver our clients the required service, product and contract terms.

After the plan is developed and implemented, our back of house team does periodic reviews of the cost and contract terms to ensure that the carrier is compliant to the terms and conditions of the agreement. The net effect is that our Telecommunications Division becomes an extension to your management team, assisting your company in leveraging every available opportunity that exists in the industry.