Waste & Recycling

Waste & Recycling are vital services that all organizations depend on but are typically overlooked as a cost reduction opportunity. 

Where waste and recycling expenses can look static on the surface, they can be managed and reduced when leveraging industry experience and focus with the right team. Procure America has waste and recycling industry professionals on staff who come directly from the hauling community who will evaluate your current programs, cost structures, carriers, and invoice accuracy. Our team then will strategize with your team on the identified opportunities to lower cost, maximize recycling efforts and increase service levels.

“Bringing Procure America to assist Tri City hospital has netted three outcomes. First, an overall lower carbon footprint. Second, deep experience to help manage this important and complex aspect of our business and lastly, an overall more cost effective solution. Procure America is a vital resource to Tri City Hospital and the relationship has generated results beyond any expectations!”

Alex Yu
CFO Tri City Medical Center