Treasury Services

Procure America has the experts on staff to assist you in managing and auditing this vital component of your business. Our Treasury Services Division Administrators come armed with decades of experience, comparable contract information and a back-end auditing capability.

Merchant Card Processing

The Treasury Services Division of Procure America specializes in helping companies minimize costs associated with accepting credit cards and other forms of electronic payment. Our team will do a comprehensive review of your current payment acceptance processes, processor pricing, contract terms, interchange qualifications, and more. Further, we will inform you of opportunities to route transactions via lower cost interchanges, or suggest alternative payment methods processes and procedures. The outcome is a comprehensive report of recommendations that will assist in reducing transaction costs while maintaining or even improving service levels. Post implementation, our team will do a monthly audit of your processing statements to review for billing accuracy.

There are over 30,000 line items a banking institution can charge a client. Our team of former banking executives take each expense and run it through our proprietary software metrics to identify saving opportunities. From your transaction fees, to your credit/debit intake cost, to your balance credits, each line item will be benchmarked, cataloged and measured for both industry best practices and errors.

We then strategize with the client to design the best way to approach the cost deltas with the institution without impeding on the existing banking relationship. Great pricing and greater relationships are the net result.

“Being in business since 1969 gave us a level of comfort that we had our ducks lined up in terms of our banking fees. The saying “it doesn’t hurt to look” cannot be more on point. We found through Procure’s deep understanding of the banking industry if we combined technology and processes we could lower our cost significantly. Our savings on bank fees has been incredible thanks to Procure America for their efforts!”

Jeff Teller
President OC Market Place, Division of Comcast Spectacor